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Currently Not Accepting New Clients

Please fee free email me for referrals in the Antelope Valley.


Unlimited Support

You never know when you’ll need to call your doula and how long your labor will last.  My contract has no time limits.  You won’t pay more if your labor goes longer than expected.

Prenatal Visits

While many doulas only allow for one or two, I provide unlimited prenatal visits.  I’ll take the time to meet with you as often as needed to make sure you’re prepared.

Birth Planning

A plan is key to achieving the birth you desire.  Together, we’ll devise a plan that meets your wishes and addresses concerns should your birth get off track.  I also have baby friendly versions for the AV Hospital.
Heather is a DONA Certified Birth Doula and a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator serving the Antelope Valley
Anyone can call themselves a doula, but not everyone is certified to provide quality labor support.  Not just trained, but certified doulas are better equipped with the skills and experience needed to support you during labor.  When shopping for birth labor support and childbirth education, be sure to look for a trained and certified doula.

Hours of Training

Years of Experience


Military Duty Stations

No Clinical Procedures

I’m not a physician or a health care provider.  I’m a highly trained and certified professional who follows a strict code of ethics and standard of practice.  I won’t use techniques or procedures for which I’m not trained or licensed.  This includes everything from vaginal exams and seemingly minor tasks like taking blood pressure or even checking your temperature to prescribing the use of essential oils.  During labor, I won’t perform any clinical tasks and I won’t make decisions or speak to the healthcare providers on your behalf.

DONA International Resource Library

Click here to view my Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice which are set forth by my certifying organization.  DONA International is the oldest, most respected Doula Certifying organization in the world!

Continuous Support

What I do provide is unwavering and unconditional physical, emotional, and information support during your entire labor.  A 2013 report found that women who had continuous support from a trained and experienced doula were more satisfied with their birth and their babies had higher APGAR scores.  In fact, the authors concluded that “Continuous support during labour has clinically meaningful benefits for women and infants and no known harm. All women should have support throughout labour and birth.”

Your Personal Birth Trainer

Imagine a DONA Certified Birth Doula who is also a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator with over 14 years of experience coaching you and your partner through what can arguably be described as the most amazing experience of your life.  It’s like having a personal trainer for your birth.  I’m honored to be asked to participate in such a sacred and intimate time in your family’s life and I take my role very seriously.

No Time Limits

When labor begins, I’ll meet you wherever and whenever you wish and stay for the duration of your labor.  You don’t pay your midwife or your OB an hourly rate if your birth goes over 12 hours.  So why should you have to pay extra for labor support?

When you hire me as your doula, there are no time limits or hidden fees.  The last thing you need to do during labor is watch the clock or worry about when to call me.

Your Birth. This is what professional birth labor support looks like.

This is what professional labor support looks like.

I’m here to support YOU and YOUR choices before, during, and after childbirth.  Through prenatal appointments we’ll discuss the birth you desire and then formulate a plan of positive empowerment and education.  I will provide you with the tools to make informed decisions and help you plan the birth you want.  I don’t have my own agenda.

My philosophy is simple:   it’s Your Birth.

~ Heather

At this time I’m currently not accepting new clients.

Please feel free to text or email for referral in the Antelope Valley.


* Additional fees apply for locations outside of the Antelope Valley.  Payment plans are accepted, restrictions apply.

When mom is happy, everyone’s happy.

“Heather was such a blessing to my husband and I both in the months leading up to the birth of our son and during our labor. She provided us with quality child birth training through videos, books and meeting with her to discuss our questions and concerns. Any time I had questions Heather provided me with resources on both sides of any issue so that I could make an informed decision.”
Ashley F., Lancaster, CA

“I can’t thank you enough for your help & support during Nadia’s birth.  I attribute going so long naturally to your excellent assistance and even though the end result – method & delivery – isn’t what anyone had planned, I am nonetheless proud of what you helped us accomplish.  Never give birth without a doula!”
Brianne G., Sigonella, Italy

“I can’t thank you enough for the enormous role you played in my ‘natural childbirth.’  I simply couldn’t have done it without your support and knowledge.  Thanks for helping me re-focus and trust my body.  It was an experience that I will never forget.  You couldn’t have done a better job.”
Allison J., San Diego, CA

Questions to ask your doula:

Are you certified?
Yes.  I’ve been certified since 2002.  Anyone can call themselves a doula, but not everyone is qualified to coach you through childbirth.  I’m not only trained but certified by DONA International, the oldest, largest, and most respected doula organization in the world!
Are you affiliated with the hospital?
No, I don’t work for the hospital.  I work for you.  That means I’m not restricted by policies such as doulas who work in the hospital.  In fact, a recent (2013) Cochrane review found that “continuous support was most effective when the provider was neither part of the hospital staff nor the woman’s social network.”  They also found that trained labor support was most beneficial.
What if you're not available when I go into labor?
I work with several back-up doulas.  I’m a member of the Antelope Valley Birth Resource Network which is a group of like minded doulas, educators, and midwives who often provide back-up for each other should the need arise.  We also happen to be good friends.

A better question would be how many doula clients do you have within two weeks of my due date?  I’m very careful when booking customers and I’ve never missed a birth due to overbooking.  As a military veteran, I hold myself to a higher sense of commitment and I won’t leave you without support.

What is your philosophy about birth and labor?
I believe that women and their partners have a right to manage their labor and birth as they define it.  My philosophy is that it isn’t my birth.  It’s Your Birth.

I will not try to talk you into a procedure, offer you medical advice, or judge you for your decisions.  I WILL empower you to make an educated decision, provide direction for you and your partner, and be there to support YOU and YOUR decisions.

I don’t have an agenda.  It’s not my birth, it’s Your Birth.  Read more.

May we call you with questions before or after the birth?
You can call, email, or text me as often as you like.  I don’t have any limits on the number of prenatal or postpartum visits.  I usually meet with my clients several times in person to discuss specific concerns, write a birth plan, and conduct private classes.  I do highly recommend you take a childbirth class and I offer a discount to my clients.
When do you meet us? Will you come to our home or meet at the birth center?
I will meet you whenever and wherever you like.  I encourage you to keep in contact with me if you feel like things are starting to happen.  If you’re in early labor I may encourage you take a shower, grab a bite to eat, or try to get some rest.  But if you want me to come over, I can usually be there within an hour.
How long will you stay with us? Do you have a time limit?
I will be with you for your entire labor.  I do not have a time limit or charge you more when your labor runs longer than expected.  The last thing you need to worry about when you’re in labor is watching the clock.

I love happy families!

I’ve had the honor of attending births all around the country and the globe.  See what other’s have to say:

Heather, thank you for the love, support, and wisdom that brought out the mom in me. I will never give birth without Heather!
Michelle S.

Poulsbo, WA

Heather’s support, care and commitment were invaluable to us throughout  the entire pregnancy, labor and delivery.
Ashley F.

Lancaster, CA

Just knowing you were there when we needed you was comfort in itself.  Thank you for your aid in both of our children’s births!
Mandy T.

Lancaster, CA

“We’re so excited to have you with us on our most exciting journey yet.  Thanks for all your support and words of wisdom.
Tori M.

San Diego, CA

Having Heather as our doula was one of the best decisions I had made and my husband would also agree.
Michelle S.

California, MD

I cannot tell you how much you helped me through the birth of my beautiful baby boy.  You gave me such incredible support, advice and you were my rockwhen I felt I was falling to pieces.
Melissa H.

Oak Harbor, WA

I think it is better said that not every woman in labor needs a doula (which actually they do!) but that she deserves one!  The benefits are awesome and it sure changes the birthing experience for the better.  I will highly recommend you to anyone!
Evelyn H.

Oak Harbor, WA

Thank you so much for being our doula.  It was very special and encouraging to have you a phone call away. You were also extremely helpful in the months prior to the big event.  I wasn’t sure how the birth plan should look and you educated me greatly.  You were needed and gracious…if you ever need a recommendation, contact me!
Elisa K.

San Diego, CA

The Birth Doula’s Contribution to Modern Maternity Care (DONA International Position Paper)

The birth of each baby has a long lasting impact on the physical and mental health of mother, baby and family. In the twentieth century, we have witnessed vast improvements in the safety of childbirth, and now efforts to improve psychosocial outcomes are receiving greater attention.

Take a few minutes

If experience, training, and certification is something you’re looking for, then you’ve come to the right place.  When you’re ready, give me a call or drop me an email with your estimated due date and we can discuss my availability.

Chronological listing of all my training and certifications:


CAPPA Postpartum Doula Training

with Darla Burns, CLD, CPD, CLE, CCCE, CHBE

Jan 26 – 27 2019 (18 contact hours)

  • The Postpartum Doula is a trained professional that offers non-medical physical, emotional and spiritual support to a new family after the birth of their baby.  Postpartum Doulas also offer breastfeeding support, household maintenance, family nurturing and instruction to mom and/or other family members in the care of a newborn.  The Postpartum Doula’s job is to make the transition to parenthood easier for new parents, to help mom during her recovery period, and to ascertain what the family needs help with and provide the instruction.

American Heart Association Basic Life Support
(CPR and AED) Program

by Heartfare of Chatsworth, CA

April 6, 2019 (6 hours)

• High-quality CPR for adults, children, and infants
• The AHA Chain of Survival, specifically the BLS components
• Use of an AED
• Effective ventilations using a barrier device
• Importance of teams in multirescuer resuscitation and performance as an effective team member during multirescuer CPR
• Relief of foreign-body airway obstruction (choking) for adults and infants

CAPPA Lactation Educator Training

with Christy Jo Hendricks, IBCLC, RLC, CLE, CCCE, CD

Mar 20 – 22, 2019 (24 contact hours)

    • CAPPA is the only organization that offers the Certified Lactation Educator™ (CLE®) Course. This certification is a distinction that ensures individuals are proficient in providing high-quality lactation education and support to communities and families.

Heart Soul Birth Pros Lamaze Workshop – San Antonio, TX

Mar 20-22, 2018 (23.75 hours)

  • Assisted Jessica English of Heart Soul Birth Pros with their 3-day initial training workshop for 12 students seeking certification as Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educators.

Lamaze LIVE! – San Antonio, TX

Mar 22 – 24, 2018 (11.5 contact hours)

  • Creativity in a Box with Jamie Mueller, MSW, LCCE, and Michele Deck, RN, MEd, BSN, LCCE, FACCE
  • Rethinking Birth: Valuing Knowledge as Empowerment with Karen Faulk PhD, CD(DONA), LCCE
  • Back Pain in Pregnancy: Common Though NOT “Normal” with Stephanie Bobinger, PT, DPT, WCS
  • Protecting the Pelvic Floor: Impact of Longer Pushing with Laura Ward, PT, DPT, MTC
  • Strategies for Postpartum Physical Well-Being with Kristine Kehoe, PT, DPT
  • Supporting Families in Challenging Times with Joyce Edmonds, PhD, MPH, RN, PHCNS-BC
  • Supporting Women’s Decision Making Throughout the Maternity Care Cycle
  • Equity in Childbirth During the Age of Chaos, Privilege, and Bravery with Natalie Burke, BA
  • The Evidence Behind the Lamaze Brand with Amanda Darvill, MBA
  • Collaborating for Maximum Impact with Michele Nizza, CD(DONA), CMT, CLEC, LCCE, FACCE
  • Marketing Your Way to Full Classes with Jessica English, AdvCD/PCD/BDT(DONA), LCCE, FACCE
  • Building a Birth Network with Elizabeth Oldham, CD(DONA), HCHD, HBCE
  • I can see Clearly (Discussion Lab)
  • Working Within Your Community to Move Childbirth Education Forward
  • A Cultural Tour Guide’s Manual to Evidence Based Care with Lisa Baker, BSc, BEd, LCCE, FACCE
  • Connecting with Diverse Populations with Chama Woydak, CD(DONA), BDT(DONA), LCCE and Nikita Smart
  • Going Virtual with Alice Turner, LCCE

DONA International Summit – Fort Lauderdale, FL

July 19 – 21, 2018 (13.75 contact hours)

  • What is a Doula’s Role in Providing and Supporting Optimal Mother Baby-Family-Friendly Care?  with Debra Pascali-Bonaro
  • The Winds of Change in Maternity Care.  What is DONA’s Role with Penny Simkin
  • Building Your Brand to Captivate Your Clients with Hilary Hartling
  • Designing Systems to Improve Care for Every Mother with Dr. Neel Shah
  • Membership Meeting
  • Looking for Equity in Childbirth?  Start by Looking in the Mirror and Get Ready to Get Uncomfortable with Natalie Burke
  • Get Wise to the New Wisdom – Understanding ACOG’s “Approaches to Limit Intervention During Labor and Birth” and New Postpartum Visit Guidlines with Sharon Muza
  • Brand Clarity Work Session with Hilary Hartling
  • Where  There’s a Will There’s a Way!  When it Comes to Perinatal Health Disparities, What’s a Doula to Do? with Jennie Joseph
  • Lost Mothers:  How Doulas can Combat Maternal Mortality with Nina Martin
  • Essential Oils and the Doula with Jessie Hawkins
  • Prenatal Contact in a Bag with Ann Tumblin

CAPPA Conference – Tucson, AZ

Sept 28 – 30, 2018 (5 Contact Hours)

  •  Pay Attention:  Mindful Communication with Today’s Parents with Laurel Wilson
  • The Birth Worker’s Role in Reducing Racial Diparities in Maternal Health with Maddy Oden, Racha Tahani Lawler, Claudia Booker, and Ameenah Jackson
  • NUDITY, ISOLATION  and SECRET CODES:  Navigating Family Relationships with a New Baby with Kimbery Bepler and Prinscilla Moore
  • Breastfeeding in the Community:   Leveraging Funds & Partnerships for Sustainability with Esther March-Singleton

Working with Diverse Populations in Maternal and Child Health – San Pedro, CA

May 9, 2017 (6 contact hours)

with Shafia M. Monroe, DEM, CDT, MPH

  • Self Awareness – Develop an understanding of cultural values and beliefs and its impact on health and health care delivery by first understanding your own.
  • Language Diversity  – Discuss and understand the importance of providing information, referrals and services in the language appropriate to the client as well as the provision of interpreters when needed.
  • Cross-Cultural Knowledge – Learn how beliefs, cultures and ethnic practices can influence health behavior and health status.
  • Advocacy – Increase skill set to include advocacy for public policies and programs that promote and support culturally and linguistically responsive services and the inclusion, representation and participation of individuals who reflect the diversity of our communities.

Advocacy 101:  Introduction to Government and Advocacy Webinar

Oct 4, 2017 (1 Contact Hour)

With Molly Giammarco, MPP, Eileen DiFrisco, RN, MA, IBCLC, LCCE, FACCE, and Alice Turner, LCCE

Lamaze Advocacy Summit, Advancing Safe and Healthy Birth – Washington D.C.

Oct 23 – 24, 2017  (8.75 Contact Hours)

  • Speed Networking
  • The Promise and Perils of Consumerism in Maternal Health with Dr. Neel Shah, MD, MPP
  • Importance of Advocacy with Ginger Breedlove, CNM, PHD, FACNM

Hill Day Orientation and Introduction to Bills:

Improving Access to Maternity Care Act (HR315/S. 783)

Preventing Maternal Deaths Act (HR 1318/S. 1112)

Save Women’s Preventive Care Act (S. 1045)

Capitol Hill Meetings:

Sen. Diane Feinstein

Sen. Kamala Harris

Rep. Stephen Knight (my district)


Spinning Babies World Confluence – Saint Paul, MN

Sept 21 – 25, 2016 (15 contact hours)

  • Love it Up!  Learning About Your Pelvis with Jenny Blyth and Fiona Hallanan
  • Understanding and Treating the Effects of Epidural Analgesia to Maintain Normality in Labor with Penny Simkin
  • Third & Fourth Stage of Labor:  The Gap Between Evidence and Practice with Penny Simkin
  • The Meaning of Mentorship  with Penny Simkin
  • Spinning Babies Place in the Birth World with Penny Simkin
  • Maternal Movement Changes Pelvic Diameters with Dr. Anka Reitter
  • Women of African Descent:  Modern Day Implications and Strategies for Pregnancy, Labor, and the Vaginal Birthing of our BabiesI with Claudia Booker
  • Story Telling for Shifting Birth Paradigms with Nicole Morales and Jennifer Walker
  • Great Expectations with Jeanne Ohm
  • Safely Reducing Cesarean Rates with Dr. Dennis Hartung
  • Integrating the Paradigm Change with Gail Tully

Engage:  DONA International Conference 2016 – Bellevue, WA

July 29 – 31, 2016 (11 contact hours)

  • 2016 Year of the Doula with Penny Simkin
  • Aligning Your Doula Heart with Your Business with Jessica English
  • Attracting Clients You Love:  Authentic Marketing Skills for Today’s Doula with Katie Rohs
  • Health System Complexity and the Global Cesarean Pandemic  with Dr. Neel Shah
  • Managing the Melee of Social Media with Robin Elise Weiss
  • Epidural Analgesia:  The Tyranny of Meta-Analysis and the Misuse of Randomized Controlled Trials to Give You the Answers You Seek:  Deconstructing Research to Reveal the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Routine Use of Epidurals with Michael Klein
  • Props in my Pockets with Teri Shilling
  • Disrupting the Status Quo:  Exploring What it Means to Care with Peggy Holman
  • Sweet Sleep:  Is Bed Sharing Safe for Breastfeeding Families?  with Diana West
  • Horizontal Violence and the Future of the Doula Profession:  Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That! with Kristen Pascucci

Breastfeed L.A. Breastfeeding Foundations:  From Expected Behaviors to Special Situations – Lancaster, CA

April 15, 2016 (6 contact hours)

Nancy Mohrbacher, IBCLC, FILCA

  • Understanding Breastfeeding Behaviors
  • Breastfeeding and Substance Abuse
  • Helping Mothers Who Exclusively Pump
  • Milk Sharing:  From Milk Banks to Craigslist

Lamaze and ICEA 2015 Conference – Las Vegas, NV

Sept 17 – 20, 2015 (14.8 contact hours)

  • No Day But Today with Elan McAllister
  • Gas and Air in the U.S?  Nitrous Oxide has Crossed the Pond!  with Michelle Collings, CNM
  • Supporting Plus Size Birth with Jennifer McLellan, CCCE
  • Getting on Google’s Good Side:  Top SEO Strategies for Getting Found Online with Sharon Muza, BS, LCCE, FACCE, CD(DONA), BDT(DONA) and Janette McCulloch, IBCLC
  • What Does the Informed Childbirth Educator Need to KNow About Labor Pain Relief and Family Centered Cesarean in 2015? with William Camann, MD
  • Cesarean Your Way:  Develop a Great Class for Families Planning Cesareans with Sharon Muza, BS, LCCE, FACCE, CD(DONA), BDT(DONA)
  • People, Planet, Profit:  Building a Sustainable Birth Business with Jessica English, LCCE, FACCE, CD(DONA), BDT(DONA) and AnnaPaula Markel, BA, ICCE, CD(DONA), BDT(DONA)
  • Watchful Waiting Revisited:  Birth Experience and the Neonatal Microbiome with Joan Combellick, MSN, MPH, CM
  • Teaching and Learning Strategies for Millennial Adults with Denish Hancock, PhD, RN, LCCE
  • The Perinatal Revolution:  Reducing Disparities and Saving Lives Through Perinatal Education with Jennie Joseph, LM, CPM

Milk:  An Infant Feeding Conference – Los Angeles, CA

Aug 1, 2015 (6.3 contact hours)

  • Creating a Breastfeeding Friendly Practice with Jay Gordon, MD
  • How We Fail Breastfeeding by Earth Mama Angel Baby with Bobby Ghaheri, MD
  • How Infant-Attuned Breastfeeding and Infant Carrying Promotes Your Child’s Development and Mutual Attachment by Ergo Baby with Henrik Norholt, PhD
  • Let’s Talk Breastfeeding:  Sparking a Counter Culture Movement in Infant Feeding by Lansinoh with Kimberly Seals Allers
  • Breastsleeping:  Ethical, Evidence-Based Resolutions to the Cosleeping Controversy by Arms Reach CoSleeper with James Mckenna, PhD

Certified – Authorized Peanut Ball Trainer

Apr 2, 2015 

Cheri Grant RN, ICCE, CLC, ICD, LCD, PBT, CD BDT(DONA) – Premier Birth Tools

Make the Partner Do It:  A Rebozo Training – Bini Birth, Sherman Oaks, CA

Feb 28, 2015 (6 contact hours)

with Gena Kirby

Full Circle Placenta Encapsulation Training – Birth Education Center of San Diego, CA

Jan 16-17, 2015  (14 contact hours)

with Amanda Johnson CIES(FCEC), Lactation Educator

Full Circle Placenta Advanced Postpartum Training – Birth Education Center of San Diego, CA

Jan 18, 2015 (7 contact hours)

with Amanda Johnson CIES(FCEC), Lactation Educator


Certified – Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator (LCCE)

Dec 1, 2014

Lamaze and DONA 2014 Confluence – Kansas City, MO

Sept 18 – 21, 2014 (14 contact hours)

  • Preventing the First Cesarean:  Highlight and Recommendations from February 2012 NICHD Workshop on First Cesareans with Katherine Wenstrom, MD
  • Let’s Stop Trying to Turn Men into Women:  Meeting the Real Needs of Pregnant and Laboring Fathers with Amy Gilliland Ph.D., BDT(DONA)
  • The History and Experience of Labor Support in the U.S. with Christine Morton, Ph.D.
  • The Peanut Ball:  New Tool for Your Doula Bag and its Effects on Laboring Women with Cheri Grant, RN, ICCE, CLE, ICD, CD, BDT(DONA)
  • Evidence Based Care:  What it isn’t and How to Help Families Find It with Rebecca Dekker, Ph.D., RN, APRN, ACNS-BC
  • We Are On the Same Team:  Promoting Effective Nurse-Doula Communication with Katherine Conrad, MS, RNC-OB, LCCE, FACCE
  • Prenatal Yoga:  An Exercise for Body, Mind and Spirit with Deena Blumenfeld, E-RYT 200, RPYT, LCCE
  • What Listening to Mothers Can Tell Us About the Future Challenges in U.S. Maternity Carewith Eugene Declercq, Ph.D.
  • Our Hips Don’t Lie!  Latin Circle Dancing for Everyone with Stephanie Larson
  • Diversity in Childbirth Education and Breastfeeding with Ngozi Tibbs, CD(DONA), IBCLC, LCCE
  • The Confluence of Childbirth Education and Doula Care within a Shifting Landscape of “Evidence Based” Maternity Care with Penny Simkin, PT
  • Impact of a Firefly:  The Importance of Follow-Through with Michele Deck, RN, BSN, MEd, LCCE, FACCE

Spinning Babies Workshop – The Sanctuary, Los Angeles, CA

Feb 16, 2014 (7 contact hours)

  • Understands the effects of a posterior position on prolonging pregnancy and labor.
  • Identifies fetal position using mother’s report of kicks and wiggles, size of heartbeat.
  • States why fetal chin tucking is useful to the birth process
  • Utilizes a pregnancy routine for all pregnant women for optimal fetal positioning
  • Replicates a pregnancy technique for relaxing the pelvic floor
  • Compares the forward-leaning inversion to the breech tilt
  • Identifies the signs of an occipital posterior labor pattern
  • Defines the difference between a comfort measure and a rotation technique
  • Shows three labor techniques that will help a posterior baby rotate to the anterior
  • Describes an indication for cesarean deliver due to posterior arrest
  • Lists two active birth solutions for delay during pushing
  • Demonstrates two 2nd stage solutions for slow descent when the mother is restricted to bed

with Gail Tully, CPM

Adult and Infant CPR and First Aid – American Heart Association

Jan 27, 2014 (6 contact hours)


Waterbirth Certification Workshop – BINI Birth, Sherman Oaks, CA

Oct 10, 2013 (6 contact hours)

  • Integrating water immersion into maternity care including benefits of waterbirth, managing and preventing complications, the latest research on waterbirth, and the difference between controversial and absolute contraindications to birth in water.  Special emphasis on hospital integration and safety.

with Barbara Harper, RN, CLD, CCCE – Director, Waterbirth International

DONA 19th International Conference – Online Virtual Conference

Jul-Oct, 2013 (12.25 contact hours)

  • Decision Fatigue: A Problem for Parents in This Era of Informed Choice in Complex Maternity Care with Penny Simkin

  • There’s a Baby: A film for children about birth and the new baby with Penny Simkin

  •  Mastering the Doula’s Advocacy Role with Kim James

  • Nurses and Doulas: Playing Nice for Optimal Birth with Laurey Munch and Barbara A. Hotelling

  • It’s Not the Wild West: Doulas, Mothers, and Cracking The Code of Social Media Culture with Jeanette McCulloch and Hillary Boucher

  • 7 Ways to Successfully Manage Your Doula Practice with Stefanie Antunes

  • Doula: from an Ancient Greek word to a Modern Greek Reality with Maria Andreoulaki

  • The Case Against Liberal Use of Labor Induction with Henci Goer

  • Safely and Securely wearing a Newborn with Serena Weingrod

  • Their Baby died. Now What? What a Baby Loss Doula™ can do to helpwith Sherokee Ilse

  • From Lovers to Parents and Back Again: A Time of Shifting Sexual Identity with Amy L. Gilliland

  • “Call the Midwife” – Terri Coates (Midwife and Technical Adviser) Interview with Bridget Baker

  • Beyond Competition: Birthing Your Unique Doula Practice with Sarah Juliusson

Lamaze Intl CBE Program Seminar – Santa Rosa, CA

Sep 20-22, 2013 (22 contact hours)

Presented by Passion for Birth. Attendence at the Lamaze International Childbirth Educator Program Seminar is partial completion of the requirements for elegibility to take the Lamaze Intl Certification Exam.

Connie Sultana, Lamaze and ICEA Certified  Childbirth Educator, Lamaze Educator Trainer, DONA Doula Trainer, CD (DONA)

Supporting the Breastfeeding Mother and Baby – Breastfeeding Basics – Lancaster, CA

Apr 15, 2013 (3 contact hours)

Refresher training.

Justina Engen, IBCLC


DONA 16th International Conference – Albuquerque, NM

 Aug 5-8, 2010 (13 contact hours)

  • Postpartum Joy with Michael Odent, MD
  • The Importance of Trust:  Physiology, Psychology and Practical Application for Doulas with Danette Watson, BA, CCE(NACE)
  • Social Media:  Connect with Clients and Colleagues with April Broussard, BA
  • A Human Rights Initiative:  10 Steps to Optimal Mother/Baby Maternity Services, the International Mother/Baby Childbirth Initiative with Debra Pascali-Bonaro, B.Ed, LCCE, CD(DONA), PCD(DONA)
  • Nighttime Breastfeeding and Postpartum Depression with Kathleen kendall-Tackett, Ph.D., IBCLC
  • The Rebozo – an Extension of Our Embrace with Carrie Kenner, BA, CCE, CD(DONA)
  • Why Eat Any Mercury-Containing Fish At All?  Pre and Post Natal Nutrition:  Eating for a New Generation with Jay Gordon, MD, FAAP, IBCLC
  • The Yoga Birth Method – Using Yoga in Labour for a Natural, Mindful, Enlightened Birthing Experience with Dorothy Guerra, Registered Yoga Teacher, Doula
  • Maternity Care Revisited with Marshall Klaus, MD
  • Childbearing in Social Context:  How Our Culture and Society Shapt Our View of Women and Childbirth with Penny Simkin, PT, CD(DONA)

DONA 13th International Conference – St Louis, MO

 Jul 19-22, 2007 (15.6 contact hours)

  • Call Upon the Feminine:  Intuitive Power and Authenticity with Jeanne Watson Driscoll PhD, APRN, BC
  • The Roots of Our Work:  The 3 R’s, Breath, Focus, Comfort Measures with Ann Tumblin BA, LCCE, FACCE, CD (DONA)
  • Results of Childbirth Connection’s New National Survey on Women’s Childbearing and Postpartum Experiences with Maureen Corry, MPH
  • Joining the Dance – The Intrplay of the Hormones of Birth with Patricia Predmore, RN, BSN, LCCE, ICCE, CD (DONA), CLE
  • Canadian Doulas:  What are Their Attitudes Toward Birth and How Are They Accepted in the Maternity Care System? with Michael Klein, MD
  • Teaching and Supporting Through the Tuff Stuff with Ann Tumblin BA, LCCE, FACCE, CD (DONA)
  • When Pain Becomes Suffering in Labor with Penny Simkin PT, CD (DONA)
  • From Fun to Functional:  The Tools of Teaching & Supporting Breastfeeding with Teri Shilling MD, CD (DONA), IBCLC, LCCE, FACCE
  • Childbirth in Brazil with Ricardo Jones, MD
  • Why Breastfeeding Matters:  What You Need to Know & What You Can Do to Help Women Achieve Their Breastfeeding Goals with Kathie Lindstrom, CD (DONA), LCCE

Lamaze Intl CBE Program Seminar – St Louis, MO

 Jul 18-22, 2007 (20 contact hours)

Presented by Passion for Birth.  Attendence at the Lamaze International Childbirth Educator Program Seminar is partial completion of the requirements for elegibility to take the Lamaze Intl Certification Exam.

Teri Shilling, MD, CD (DONA), IBCLC, LCCE, FACCE & Ann Tumblin BA, LCCE, FACCE, CD (DONA)


Pacific Association for Labor Support (PALS) Advanced Doula Training – Seattle, WA

 October 15, 2005 (5 contact hours)

  • Communicating with the hospital staff
  • When the doula’s own birth experience was traumatic
  • What is birth trauma for the doula?

with Penny Simkin, PT, CD & Kathy Cornack, DVM, CD

DONA International 11th Annual Conference –  Washington D.C.

July 21-24, 2005 (15.6 contact hours)

  • Baby Boot Camp:  Helping Parents Prepare for the Babymoon and the Early Weeks Postpartum with Ann Douglas
  • Love Languages for the Labor Room with Pamela Owen, CD (DONA
  • Breastfeeding Politics with Marsha Walker, RN, IBCLC
  • Kangaroo Care with Marshall Klaus, MD
  • What’s New in Obstetric Anesthesia with William Camann, MD
  • Research is Alive in 2005:  Articles that Impact Doula Practice with Jacqueline Kelleher, CD (DONA), PCD (DONA) & Patricia Predmore, RN, BSN, LCCE, CD (DONA)
  • Intimate Partner Violence and Pregnancy:  A Hidden Epidemic with Daniel Sheridan, PhD, RN, FAAN
  • Working with Challenging People with Brenda Lane, ICCE, CD (DONA)
  • Evidence, Policy, Procedure and Practice in the Debate Over Cesarean Sections, 2005 with Eugene Declercq, PhD
  • The Doula Backlash:  Proven Benefits vs. Perceived Hindrance to Maternity Care with Penny Simkin, PT, CD (DONA)

DONA 10th International Conference – New Orleans, LA

July 22-25, 2004 (16 contact hours)

  • Doulas – A Bridge Over Troubled Waters:  Protecting the Mother and Baby Continuum with Mary Kroeger, BSN, CNM, MPH
  • Working in Harmony with Sunday Tortelli, CCE, CD (DONA), HBCE
  • The Impact of Early Trauma on the Childbearing Woman:  How Birth and Postpartum Doulas can Contribute to Healing with Penny Simkin, PT, CD (DONA), Phyllis Klaus, MFT, CSW
  • Standing on the Ledge:  The Impact of Fear on Childbirth with Kathy McGrath, MSW, FACCE, CD (DONA)
  • Postpartum Culture:  The Loss of the Lying-In time with Bridget Lynch, RN
  • There’s More in 2004:  Articles that Impact Doula Practice with Penny Simkin, PT, CD (DONA) & Patricia Pedmore, BSN, ICCE, CD (DONA)
  • I’m Listening:  Responding to the Emotional Needs of Pregnant and Postpartum Women and their Families with Jane Honikman, MS
  • Money Matters:  Business Aspects of Doula Practice with Patty Brennan, BA, CD (DONA), PCD (DONA)
  • Helping Parents Understand their Newborn:  The Clinical  Neonatal Behavioral Assessment Scale for Birth for Birth Doulas and Postpartum Doulas with J. Kevin Nugent, PhD
  • Boundaries, Personal Safety and Self-Defense for the Doula with Jacqueline Kelleher, CD (DONA), PCD (DONA)
  • The Effects of a Birth Doula – Six Weeks Postpartum with Marshall Klaus, MD

Helping New Mothers Establish Breastfeeding – San Diego, CA

April 25, 2004 (1.5 contact hours)

by Rose deVigne-Jackiewicz RN, IBCLC


DONA 9th International Conference – San Francisco, CA

 July 24-27, 2003 (18.5 contact hours)

  • Advanced Doula Training Workshop: The Use of TENS During Labor with Penny Simkin
  • Listening to Mothers:  The First National US Survey of Women’s Childbearing Experience with Debra Pascali-Bonaro, BEd, CD(DONA) and Carol Sakala, PhD
  • Blessingways:  Building a Woman’s Confidence with Teri Shilling, CD (DONA), IBCLC, LCCE, FACCE
  • Colic the Fourth Trimester and the Calming Reflex with Harvey Karp, MD
  • Induction of Labor:  How the Doula can Educate, Encourage and Supportwith Jamie Swann, CD (DONA)
  • Forces of Nature with Carole Groobman
  • How to Maintain High Quality Maternity Care in and Era  when Women are Losing Confidence in their Ability to Give Birth with Michael Klein, MD
  • Massage for Labor and Birth with Paula Jaspar, RMT
  • The Selling of the Cesarean Section:  Madison Avenue Comes to Medicinewith Mayri Sagady, CNM, MSN
  • Writing About Birth with Debbie Young, CD (DONA), ICCE
  • Helping Parents Following the Death of a Stillborn, Premature Infant or Newborn Baby with Marshall Klaus, MD
  • The Irreducible Needs of the Baby with John Kennell, MD

Advanced Doula Training – Doula Retreat on Orcas Island, WA

 June 13-15, 2003 (18.5 contact hours)

  • Birth Language
  • Interventions in the Birth Process Film:  20/20 Vacuum Extraction
  • Precipitous Births Film:  Birth in the Squatting Position
  • Newborn Exam Film:  Babywatching with Desmond Morris
  • Vaginal Birth After Cesarean
  • Tricks of the Trade

with Gloria Lemay

 April 26, 2003 (6.6 contact hours)

Advanced Doula Training The Doula Path:  Tools for the Journey – Seattle, WA

 April 26, 2003 (6.6 contact hours)

  • Finding Your Path
  • Who Will Care for the Doulas
  • What’s New?  Research Articles That Affect Doulas Just Listen

with Penny Simkin, PT, Kathryn McGrath MSW, FACCE, CD (DONA) & Patricia Predmore, RN, BSN, ICCE, CD (DONA), CLE

Essential Oils – Coupeville, WA

 Mar 18, 2003 (2 contact hours)

Whidbey General Hospital, Whidbey Island, WA


Mothercare’s Lactation Educator Training – Renton, WA

 Sep 21, 2002 (8 contact hours)

CAPPA Approved

  • The Role of the Lactation Educator
  • Baby and The Breast:  The Normal Course of Lactation
  • Maternal Challenges in Breastfeeding:  Identifying and Problem Solving
  • Infant Challenges in Breastfeeding:  Identifying and Problem Solving
  • Breastfeeding Counseling Skills:  Observation, Assessment and Assistance
  • Breastfeeding Counseling Skills:  Adapting to the Needs and Situation of the Student
  • Current Issues in Lactation
  • Presenting Information on Breastfeeding

with Wendy Middleton, BA, CLE, CPD, ICPD, CD (DONA)

DONA 8th International Conference – Clearwater Beach, FL

 Aug 1-4, 2002 (18.3 contact hours)

Ten Years of Progress and More to Come:

  • Helping Women with Pain Relief, Deep Relaxation and Self-Hypnosis with Phyllis Klaus, MFT, CSW
  • Easing the Transition: Preparing Parents for the First Few Weeks with Valerie Miles, MD
  • Should Everyone Have a Cesarean? with Charles Mahan, MD
  • The Art of Belly Casting: Creating a Keepsake for the Expectant Familywith Julie Collins, RN, CD (DONA), LCCE
  • The Cradle Will Fall: Postpartum Perspicacity with Carl Burak, MD, JD
  • Comfort Measures of Childbirth:  Let’s Do It With a Rebozo with Guadalupe Trueba, FACCE, LCCE, CD (DONA)
  • When Your Client Hasn’t Attended Childbirth Classes with Patricia Predmore, RN, BSN, ICCE, CD (DONA) CLE
  • How Doulas Support the Woman With an Epidural with Penny Simkin, PT, CD(DONA)
  • Finding the Path with Kathy McGrath, MSW, FACCE, CD (DONA)

Certified – Doulas of North America

Initial Certification May 17, 2002

Renewed through 2014

First Annual Doula Education Day – New Westminster, BC

May 4, 2002 (6.6 contact hours)

  • Childbirth Pain & The Birth Experience: The Short and Long Term Implication  with Paulina Perez, RN, BSN, FACCE
  • Hannah’s Tyger and the Metastatic Mythology of Risk with Dr. Phillip Hall
  • Third Stage of Labour- Why the Panic? with Louise Smith
  • Routine Labour Inductions at – 41 Weeks – Nonsensus Consensus with Dr. Phillip Hall

The Business of Being a Doula – Seattle, WA

 April 13, 2002

Pacific Association for Labor Support (PALS) workshop

  • Interviewing
  • Overview of the Doula Process
  • Getting Started/Staying Certified
  • How to get Clients
  • Maintaining a Back-up System
  • Billing for Services
  • Keeping Records
  • Protecting Yourself: Insurance
  • Professional Doula Panel

Certified – Pacific Association for Labor Support (PALS)

April 10, 2002


Labor Support Essential Doula Training (Part two) – Oak Harbor, WA

 Sep 28-29, 2001

The art and science of labor support, non-pharmacological pain techniques, comfort measures and coping tools for childbirth, and the Doula’s scope of practice and code of ethics.

Shellie Moore CD (DONA/PALS)

Advanced Doula Training Workshop – Seattle, WA

 Sep 22, 2001 (7.8 contact hours)

  • Advanced Values Clarification
  • The Impact of Childhood Sexual Abuse on the Childbearing Woman and Her Caregivers
  • Cultural Sensitivity and the Doula:  How a Doula can Help Reduce Cesareans for Dystocia

Penny Simkin PT, CD (DONA)

Labor Support Essential Doula Training (Part One) – Oak Harbor, WA

 Sep 14-15, 2001

Instructed in the basics of reproductive anatomy and fetal development, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and breastfeeding, complications, interventions, cesareans, labor labor pain and pain relief.

Shellie Moore CD (DONA/PALS)

Heather S. Turner

Heather S. Turner


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It’s my goal to provide pregnant women and families with continuous, caring, and qualified birth labor support, empower and encourage you through the absolute best childbirth education, and provide birth professionals with quality workshops you can really use. ~ Heather