Peanut Ball for Labor

Advanced Doula Training

The newest, most exciting tool for doulas, midwives, and childbirth educators.  Learn how to use the peanut ball for labor. DONA International contact hours are available.


Quality Curriculum

This hands-on workshop presents the benefits of using a peanut ball during labor.  With a focus on technique and positioning, you’ll get hands on instruction and practical guidance.

Quality Instruction

Heather is a Premier Birth Tools Authorized Peanut Ball Trainer, a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Instructor, and U.S. Navy veteran with over 20 years experience in instructional design and facilitating adult workshops and trainings.


DONA Hours

Your Birth’s “Peanut Ball for Labor Advanced Doula Training” workshop has been approved by DONA International and is eligible for 3 contact hours!

Peanut Reduction in Labor

When your client chooses epidural pain relief, would you like to provide her with the means to significantly shorten her labor and increase her likelihood of a spontaneous vaginal birth? Then you you need to learn how to use the peanut ball.

Reduction in Labor in Minutes

1st Stage with Epidural

1st Stage no Epidural

2nd Stage with Epidural

2nd Stage no Epidural


Using the Peanut Ball

Overall Cesarean Section Reduction Rate

Unpublished study (Grant, 2014)

The above pricing does not apply to workshops facilitated at locations other than Your Birth and is exclusive to Your Birth “Peanut Ball for Labor ADT” students only.  Includes one 50 cm birth ball and must be purchased at least two weeks prior to class date.


Pricing for workshops facilitated at other locations (such as conferences and seminars) may vary.

Give Birth with Balls

If you’re shopping for a peanut ball or just want more information on the program then look no further.  Cheri Grant has put together an amazing training program and can offer hospital grade peanut balls at a great price.

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