Pregnancy and immunizations can be a hot topic.  A recent TRICARE bulletin included a link to their podcast with some recommendations.


I subscribe to a several TRICARE bulletins.  The latest TRICARE Podcast (#333) includes information about pregnancy and immunizations.  Skip ahead to 3:17 for the pregnancy and immunization information.

According to the podcast, immunizations recommended during pregnancy include the flu vaccine, MMR (before pregnancy),  and Hep B.

A recent Cochrane Review published in June 2015 involved a large trial of women and provided the following finding:

“Viral influenza vaccination was associated with a reduction in confirmed influenza among women and their babies. However, there was no clear difference between groups in terms of pregnancy outcomes (miscarriage, preterm labour and stillbirth)…”

Basically, the flu vaccine may or may not have contributed to a lower rate of the flu.  Also, when it comes to the final outcome of the pregnancy, there was no difference between those who received the vaccine and those who didn’t.

The Science and Sensibility research blog by Lamaze can be an excellent source of information.  This article from 2011 is relatively short, but the comments that follow are a stellar example of the importance of doing your own research, educating yourself, and making informed decisions during your pregnancy.

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