Bengkung How to Wrap


Learn to Wrap

Learning to wrap is easy with my videos.  It takes about 5 minutes!  Check out my videos below.

More About Diastasis Recti

Web MD article on abdominal separation (“Diastasis Recti”)

Download Instructions

Download and print these instructions in .pdf format.

July 12, 2015

Just wrapped for the first time, one week after birth. Your self binding tutorial is really helpful, thank you! The wrap is made from soft, sturdy fabric, I look forward to being able to pass this on.

~ Bekah L.

Start with some help...

When learning to wrap, it’s easier to have some help at first.  This short video will show you how to wrap someone in less than 5 minutes.

...then try it by yourself.

Practice a few times and you’ll get the hang of it.  When wrapping yourself it’s a good idea to put your wrap on the floor in a laundry basket so you can maneuver around it easily.

Even when you're expecting!

Bengkung belly binding is great for postpartum recovery, but did you know it’s also beneficial while you’re pregnant?  It can help with lower back and hip support relieving pressure which can be great if you’re on your feet all day!

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