Bengkung FAQ’s

(Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I know what size I need?
Women come in all shapes and sizes so sizing is tricky.  Unless you already own a wrap that’s the correct length, I encourage you to contact me prior to purchasing so I can help you find the correct size.
I had a cesarean birth...when can I start wrapping?
Check with you physician, but you’ll need to wait anywhere from two to six weeks to allow the incision to heal.
How do I wash my wrap or rebozo?
Finished edges prevent fraying which makes your wrap or rebozo machine washable. Wash in cold water with “like” colors. It’s set in vinegar during the dye process, but as a cottage industry I don’t use the harsh chemicals like larger manufactures so thre’s a chance it may bleed in the wash or on light colored clothes you’re wearing. It’s also dryer safe, but will probably come out of the dryer a hot mess. Have you ever tried to iron 36 feet of fabric? I recommend line drying your wrap.
What's the difference between the batik and muslin wraps?
The biggest difference is the price of the batik fabric.  The Indian batik fabric can cost as much as five times as much as the muslin. The batik may feel stiff at first, but after use and washing they soften up nicely.

The muslin wraps are hand dyed so they’re not a solid color.  The subtle variations from the hand dying process make them very pretty.  Also, the are easily customized and I usually have several different colors in stock since I don’t have to rely on my supplier to have a particular pattern.

It's too tight when I sit down!
Bengkung belly binding is not a form of compression wrapping.  Think of it as swaddling.  The first wrap around your hips should be only as tight as you want, then you should follow the curve of your body upwards to just under your breasts.  If you find it’s uncomfortable when you sit down, you should unwrap and wrap again a little looser.  It may take several tries to get it just right.
Should I roll it up when not in use?
If you really want to but it’s not necessary.  Rolling it up will take you a while and will eventually get tiresome.  I just store mine in a basket or pretty bag.
Are they finished on the edges?
Yes.  I use an overlock machine to finish each wrap by hand.  This allows for a much longer life since they will not fray and also makes them machine washable.  The finished edges are not folded and won’t bunch up or dig into your skin.  Custom thread colors are available, too!
Do they have any seams?
Yes and no.   The batiks are not available in lengths as long as the muslin so chances are your batik have anywhere from one to four seams depending on the length you purchase.  I try to use as much of the fabric as possible, so the muslin wrap may also have a seam.  However, you can always request a muslin wrap with no seams at no extra charge.  The seams shouldn’t effect the wear or durability of the wrap.  If you find the seam is pulling apart that’s a good indicator you’re wrapping too tight.
What if I want to use belly paste or essential oils?
It’s recommended that you use a warming wrap or an old shirt under you wrap to prevent your wrap from getting stained.  You can even use plastic saran wrap around your belly – not too tight – to protect your wrap.
I don't have enough tail to tie a knot.
Make sure you measure the tail correctly.  It should measure from the top of your forehead to your girly parts.  It may not tie in the same place every time.  Just tie a simple square knot (right over left, left over right) and tuck it in.
Can I exercise while wearing my wrap?
No!  Nothing other than a brisk walk or light housekeeping.  Don’t try to run or do any strenuous exercise while wearing your wrap.

Do wear it to the park with your little ones and show it off to the other mom’s.  🙂

Will belly binding help me with _______ ?
Maybe, but I can’t make any guarantees.  I’m not a physician so I can’t tell you that bengkung belly binding will help you with any medical condition. I’ve had many happy customers who have reported that belly binding has helped bring together the separation of their abdominal muscles after childbirth (diastasis recti,) provided support for lower back problems, helped slow the bleeding after childbirth (lochia,) and even helped with headaches and arthritis. However, I make absolutely no claims that belly binding will do the same for you.

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