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Lamaze Out of Hospital Childbirth Classes by Your Birth.  Serving the Antelope Valley, Lancaster, Palmdale, Quartz Hill, Rosamond, and Edwards AFB.

"The AV's best out-of-hospital childbirth class"

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Why should I choose...

…an out of hospital class?

The most important reason to take an out-of-hospital class is because the educator is not restricted to teaching hospital policy.  It’s not uncommon for hospital classes to be clinical, rushed for time, limited on space, and fear based.  By contrast, out of hospital classes present more evidence based information and facilitate a more relaxing environment which encourages learning.

…Your Birth?

Heather’s out of hospital class and hands-on approach includes techniques you won’t learn anywhere else including peanut ball, rebozo, TENS units, Spinning Babies, and more.  She has over 14 years of experience in educating women including personal doula clients and Red Cross Healthy Pregnancy classes for the men and women of our armed forces.

Cesarean Rates


WHO Recommendation


California Cesarean Rate




AV Hospital

  • Women who are considered low risk. 85%
  • How many of those women are good candidates for midwifery care? 100%
  • How many were attended by physicians? 86%
  • And only this many were attended by midwives. 8%

Who will be YOUR care provider?

Ask questions to get the care you want:

  • What is your cesarean rate?
  • Do you routinely induce labor at 39 weeks?
  • Are there policies against going to 42 weeks?
  • Do you limit the length of labor?
  • Do you support low intervention births?

Your Birth

It's my goal to provide pregnant women and families with continuous, caring, and qualified birth labor support, empower and encourage you through the absolute best childbirth education, and provide birth professionals with quality workshops you can really use. ~ Heather

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Labor Support and Childbirth Education for an Informed Generation
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